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Boycott NFL!!! Really?!!!

Seems some people think boycotting the nfl is a good idea, while i don’t necessarily disagreeĀ i think we the people have extremely short memories and as soon as we see football on tv we will becomeĀ the lovesick pup once again and forget anything ever happened. Look at our track record with the politicans we elect, they fill us full of lies and we believe every word only to be disapointed but to do it all over again. The point is that the nfl/nflpa/media will tell us whatever they want and we will just take it for granted to be the truth, Im telling you no matter what happens with the CBA and when the games are back on scedule we will just act like nothing happened……. Wake up and smell the pigskin, we need to make our voices heard, we supply the funding for this business of football that we all love, and we need to take the power back!!!